Welcome to There Goes the Neighborhood, a Sims 4 Commentary Story!  This will be from a third person omniscient view.  (Muahahaha)  It’ll be up to me to decide what happens as I’m not following any rules.  I will do some neighborhood rotational play since EA hasn’t put story progression in yet (if they ever do).  Otherwise, the next generation will never happen.  Hehe….

When I created my neighborhood, I constructed it from the ground up. I only left ONE EA lot, which was the Granite Falls National Forest.  Also, please note that all neighborhood and road names are derived from the Sims games or the forums.

Please click on Meet Gerald Cole to learn more about him.  He’s the one I’ll follow most of the time.  After you’ve met Gerald, then you are welcome to walk with Lollie (my simself) as she introduces the neighborhood to Gerald and you.  She starts with Willow Creek, then moves to Oasis Springs.  She shows all the neighboring areas along with who lives in each lot.  (There is really not a quiz later, so don’t listen to her.)

It took over a month to do all the creating and brain storming, but it was a blast and I wouldn’t have it any other way!  I hope you enjoy what’s to come.  Thanks so much for stopping by!  😀

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